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Coronavirus: urgent measures and information for the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore community

Coronavirus Coronavirus: urgent measures and information for the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore community Updated on: 25 February 2020, 17pm 23 febbraio 2020 Dear Students, Academics and Administrative and Technical staff, The way the health crisis related to cases of infection with Coronavirus COVID - 19 is evolving requires special care and attention by everyone. With a view to limiting gatherings and the movement of people, in agreement with the other universities in Lombardy, and in line with the provisions issued by central and local authorities, we have decided to suspend all teaching and conference activities for a week. We will do everything possible to alleviate the inconvenience caused to members of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The Milan, Brescia, Piacenza and Cremona campuses of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore have suspended all teaching and conference activities until Saturday 29 February. INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS The Milan, Brescia, Piacenza and Cremona campuses of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore have suspended all lessons and teaching activities , including exam sessions, compulsory lessons and graduation sessions, until Saturday 29 February. Teaching activities that have been suspended, including exam programming, will be rescheduled by faculties, academic staff and teaching departments. Administrative and technical staff at the Milan, Brescia, Piacenza and Cremona campuses will provide a normal service, except for those services requiring face to face contact which will be limited to specific, urgent cases or managed remotely.


Coronavirus, a message from the Rector to students

Upon receiving news from the health authorities, we will set the new timetables for catch-up lessons, either in class or with video lectures on the Blackboard platform, for the hours lost due to the suspension of university lectures. CLASSES: SUSPENSION AND CATCH-UP The decision to suspend all teaching activities , as recommended by the competent authorities, was taken with the aim of reducing numbers of persons in restricted places in order to limit the risk of contagion due to the effect of an easily-transmitted virus. We are preparing the appropriate structures, enhancing the Blackboard platform, to provide the videos of the missed lessons and some professors have also provided additional educational resources online. As you can well imagine, given that our University provides an average of 1,600 hours of lessons a day in the Milan, Brescia Piacenza and Cremona campuses, with peaks of 300 hours of consecutive lessons, the complexity in the use of distance teaching tools is not insignificant. The deans, together with the teaching support structures, are collaborating on recovery plans and new agendas for lessons and exams: detailed information will be given by each Faculty as soon as possible. STUDENTS RESIDENT IN THE GEOGRAPHICAL AREAS SUBJECT TO PRECAUTIONARY LIMITATIONS For students residing in local areas subject to precautionary travel restrictions, the Faculties will adopt ad-hoc initiatives, in particular by recording the lessons and publishing them on the platform. EXAMS Unless otherwise indicated by the authorities, the Faculties will adapt the exam schedule to fit in the missed lessons, seeking as far as possible to avoid disruptions in your study programmes.


Coronavirus: teaching activities will be suspended until 7 March

The measures relative to catching up teaching hours will be communicated at a later date. In order to adequately plan the rescheduling and resumption of teaching activities, the university offices and all employees will be operational. Please see below the press release from the Conference of Rectors of the Lombard Universities The Universities of Lombardy all agree that the precautionary measures that led to the suspension of all teaching activities in the week commencing Monday 24 February 2020 are still in place. Therefore, in order to ensure the orderly functioning of the institutional programmes of all the Lombard universities, current teaching activities are suspended until next Saturday 7 March. In the meantime, in order to limit the adverse effects of this emergency, all the Universities of Lombardy have taken the appropriate steps to offer students distance learning methods, in line with the modalities specific to each university. Each Lombard University is currently analysing the various possible scenarios and identifying the appropriate solutions to be adopted both in the short and medium/long term, particular regarding the organisation of teaching activities. coronavirus #precautionarymeasures Facebook Twitter Send by mail Print.


Coronavirus: a new way to attend lectures

Coronavirus Coronavirus: a new way to attend lectures Updated on 5 March 2020, 7.15pm 03 marzo 2020 Pursuant to a Decree issued by the Council of Ministers on 4 March 2020, the Italian government has ordered the suspension of all teaching activities of schools and universities nationwide, including the Rome Campus, until 15 March. As Gaetano Manfredi, Minister for University and Research, explains: ‘from tomorrow, 5 March, until 15 March, all teaching activities of Italian Universities and AFAM Institutions (Higher Education in Art and Music) are suspended. All professional internships are active, i.e. the internships of Health Professions, TPVES and the professional internships of the degree programme in Dentistry and Dental Prosthodontics. Currently our professors and instructors lecturers are recording and uploading lessons on Blackboard (see video) to recuperate lost teaching hours, in agreement with the Rector and with the support of the University facilities, the Deans are reprogramming the academic calendars, including all exams. For further information, please contact: Dear Students, Professors and Administrative and Support Personnel On this second week of suspended teaching activities the ongoing situation poses more complex organisational problems than those encountered in the first week. I have previously observed in other circumstances that, both by tradition and vocation, our University considers class teaching an essential didactic aspect because, even when the number of enrolled students is high, it focuses directly on the person, the student-professor relationship. My heartfelt greetings to all Franco Anelli Rector of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore #coronavirus #precautionarymeasures Facebook Twitter Send by mail Print.

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